coil-87655_1280This short video is a compilation set showing various pipe bending or tube bending techniques using the myriad of pipe bending machinery available.It includes examples of tube coiling, another service we can offer  and have extensive experience across a raft of industries.

Linmar Pipework Services are able to provide tube manipulation services around all the disciplines you will see on the video. Particularly demanding is stainless steel pipe, more so if the pipe has a thick wall. The video opens with a thick walled 3.0 inch stainless steel pipe being bent at 90 degrees, pretty impressive but not beyond our abilities. Tubing destined for all types of steel products can be sauced and bent to customer requirements from our Sheffield facility, our base here in Yorkshire. From here we service the entire United Kingdom and can offer competitive pricing for pipe bending services across the UK.

Steel coil tubing is also one of our specialties where it is used in the heat exchange industry, boiler manufacture, the architectural supply industry or the transportation of fluids of any type. Our coiled tube range includes single double or triple wound coils and come in any material. Pressure testing is available if required.

For the building and construction industry our coiling facilities can produce spiral pipe coils for handrails or spiral staircases, we can design for you or work from client drawings. No matter what your design requires, we have the capabilities to produce the perfect steel tubing coils for your unique needs.

We are of course more than just a pipe bending company, we are experienced pipework services installers and have worked across the UK designing and installing piping in all types of industries. Whether it is a simple compressed air installation or a complex industrial pipeline system we would like to talk to you so please contact us today.

Pipe Bending

Custom Pipe Bending in any material to 12 inch diameter and in any wall thickness, we have been bending pipe since the early 1960's so feel we are ideally placed to provide you with a first class service

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