pipework-fabricationPipework fabrication is generally thought of as manufacturing pre-designed piping systems for pipeline projects off site so that less time is spent on site performing intricate installation work. Many of our process pipework applications have the need for a substantial number of inlets and outlets valves to be placed and by fabricating and making these attachments beforehand it can substantially speed installation on site. The amount of work that can be completed this way will depend on the application, pipeline size and diameters, materials selected and the complexity or otherwise of the final layout.

There are other benefits which also come from off site modular pipeline fabrication, particularly with welded steel pipe. Clearly whatever work can be completed in our own workshops reduces the number of hot work permits needed to work on site. Since most of our pipework installations are installed overhead this makes the installation process more straight forward too. Less time on site means less time for managers, supervisors, site cabins and storage areas. Less material storage means less risk of theft or damage, and lower insurance costs.

Here at Linmar we have extensive fabrication facilities that also includes a pipe bending division, something we have been involved in since the beginning. The process of taking a straight section of piping and forming it into virtually any shape by creating curvatures or bends at any angle has long been a method of producing efficient pipework design. Pipe, or tube, bending is a general term used in the metal manufacture industry to describe a metal forming process that is used to permanently shape pipes and tubes. Several different methods are used to achieve the required results including form bound and free-form bending and cold forming procedures. The metal tubes and pipes normally have a round cross section, but it is possible to bend square and rectangular tubes also. This is particularly useful in architectural steelwork.

The pipe bending process is perhaps one of the most valuable assets to the fabrication process, as it truly allows for full customization. Another instance where pipework fabrication and pipe bending are used is during the process of updating an existing system. Older systems may require a customised angle or specification that cannot be  easily  purchased from a traditional piping supplier. Removal or repair of an existing component of a piping system is one of the most common applications that requires a fabrication specialist. The cost of integration of a fabricated pipe system depends on the size, pipework dimensions and the chosen material. However compared with carrying out all the work onsite pre-fabrication makes sense commercially provided it is well designed and manufactured to fit.

Steel has long been our forte but over the years we have installed piping systems in various materials including stainless steel, copper pipework and plastic. Pipework pre-fabrication has the potential to substantially reduce costs associated with the installation but if it’s to work properly it must be well thought through and executed. Experience, good planning and quality control is a prerequisite. Being involved in the production of pipework solutions for over fifty years we like to think that we have all the necessary qualifications to meet any pipework fabrication challenge head on. It goes without saying that we want your repeat business which means that you can only benefit from our approach. Call us now or contact us here so we can quote you on your next pipework fabrication job.

Pipe Bending

Custom Pipe Bending in any material to 12 inch diameter and in any wall thickness, we have been bending pipe since the early 1960's so feel we are ideally placed to provide you with a first class service

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