There was a time when the industrial pipework services industry were the only people to make use of all the different piping solutions that have been thrown up over the years.

Not anymore!

Industrial pipework is now finding its way more and more into the commercial and domestic interior design studios where some very inspirational architects and designers are putting all types of pipework to spectacular use. Pipework contractors are as likely to receive an inquiry for a new design for an interior staircase as they are for a processing plant. We thought it would be interesting to feature some of the more exotic or even downright crazy pipework creations on this page, who knows it may get your own design juices flowing.

The entire gambit of pipework material selection is used today to create everything from a simple shelf unit to complex building structures. We selected a few of the more interesting and downright bizarre creations for your perusal. The selection ranges from the use of industrial piping to construct architectural and design based items to using pipework to deliver all types of fluids, water, oil and such like, but in a decorative way. Some of the images deal with the disguising of the pipework fabrications while others blatantly feature it as a design statement. There are examples of stainless steel pipework, copper pipe, and plastic some designs are quite outstanding and very clever.

For your information Linmar Pipework Services are as comfortable offering complex industrial pipework services as we are at manufacturing bespoke architectural steel work. Many of the images here feature the need for pipe bending and pipework fabrication, skills that we have in abundance. Dare we say some could even be improved by using pipe bending in the place of fabricated components but we will let you be the judge of that. So if you are inspired by any of the images below, particularly if you need a complete staircase or other such structure just let us know how we can help.

Take a look at the video, its a sculpture designed by Tonkin Liu Architects & constructed using steel pipework erected near Burnley in Lancashire.
The Singing Ringing Tree produces sounds when the wind blows over thin slots cut in the pipes. As the air moves across the slots, changes in pressure excite the pipe's air columns into motion. Once the air begins to vibrate at a speed that matches the natural frequency of the pipe, you will begin to hear mysterious sounds.

Pipe Bending

Custom Pipe Bending in any material to 12 inch diameter and in any wall thickness, we have been bending pipe since the early 1960's so feel we are ideally placed to provide you with a first class service

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